Can't enter BIOS. System goes straight to Win.

I'm hoping someone can tell me why my MSI 790GX-G65 mobo won't allow me to enter BIOS. The manual says to use the delete key, which worked fine when I built the machine four months ago, but now the system just continues on to windows, which opens fine, and everything appears to work correctly once it's all up and running. I've tried every F key available, and have reconsulted the manual to make sure I hadn't remembered the procedure incorrectly, but it absolutely says use the delete key. My post screen does not say which key to use, which I find unusual, but that's neither here nor there, as the manual makes it clear that it is indeed the delete key. I have a USB Seagate external hard drive hooked up, and an LG monitor which has a sleep mode that snoozes like Rip Van Winkle, and I'm wondering if disconnecting at least the Ext. HD could help. Perhaps the monitor has something to do with it? Never encountered anything like this before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

other info:
amd Phenom II x4 955 blk.
8 GB Kingston Mem.
WD Blk. Cav. 1 TB
750 Thermaltake PSU
XFX 5770 GPU
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  1. Try spamming the DEL key while the computer is booting - the monitor may be missing parts of the BIOS screen or so, or turning on after the BIOS screen has passed, which is what my monitor does.
  2. Without trying it yet, I think I have figured out what's going on. I've been running a KVM switch, with my wireless keyboard and mouse on it, for so long now that I forgot all about it. I bet the keyboard isn't booting until Windows opens. Sorry for the brainfart.
  3. troylet, you may be on to something there. I'd be interested in finding out if your theory was right, but just so you know, as soon as you turn on the power to your computer, the motherboard is sending power to the receiver for your keyboard.

    Windows holds the drivers to use the keyboard in Windows, but doesn't control the IR frequency that is used for communication between keyboard (transmitter) and receiver (the part that plugs into the computer).

    To further substantiate my claim, I can access the BIOS on my computer with a wireless keyboard, but it could very well be as simple as integrated USB support on my motherboard.
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