Hp pavillion dv5000 any upgrade optoins to slow laptop?

looking to speed up old laptop
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  1. Well, you'll need to tell us a bit more than that:
    -Link us to your laptop model or give us your current specs
    -How much are you willing to spend?
    -What do you want to speed up? Different parts will help in slightly different ways.
    -What OS are you using?

    In a laptop your only easy upgrade options are ram and the hard drive. A Solid state drive will provide a performance boost in application load time and, well, anything else that exchanges data with the hard drive. A ram upgrade will only help up to 768MB in windows xp. I wouldn't really bother if you already have 512mb. If in your situation it can provide more performance, it is a much cheaper upgrade option.
  2. Using xp, plan to upgrade ram to 1g over the current 512 but a sstate drive seems to be more than half as much as a new laptop. After putting $15 into some used ram I will prob just shop for a new laptop, any suggestions? Mostly for internet browsing and ebay posting.
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