Am I undervolting too much

You know summer is hot and the CPU runs hotter and the fan noisier, So I undervolted my Phenom II 955 and now its running 2.6 GHZ @1.075V
1- is it possible that it will damage my CPU
2- is there a safe limit for undervolting
3- does overclocking with good temps shorten the life of the processor
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  1. Undervolting is never physically harmful. The worst that can happen is BSOD's from the voltage being too low, but that won't damage anything.

    And OC'ing will always shorten the lifespan of the component that you're OC'ing somewhat, but a relatively modest OC with good temps usually won't shorten it extensively. That has more to do with the voltage that you need to get to the OC that you want, though. Higher voltage = shorter lifespan.
  2. 1. no ...2.
    2. yes ... if too low you PC can't boot
    3. of course OC is decrease lifetime if extreme ( ex: high vcore used LN = cool ) , and lifetime still same default as long as stock volt.
  3. thanks for the replies but if I overclock with stock voltage will it be harmful
  4. no.... it's safe as long as temperature not over from recomendation
  5. OK Thanks so it's safe but will it decrease the life of the CPU
  6. no ... it same with default lkifetime
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