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I am using corsair vengenece low profile 1600 MHz ram, 2 sticks in slots 2 and 4 ( bought in bundle that is just how they came). my motherboard is gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H
and my processor is I5 3570k i am only attempting a mild overclock of 4.3 but if leave my ram at stock settings of 1600 MHz, with or without xmp profile on (that sets the vtt 1.2) i will eventually get blue screen for memory management and it will not pass Intel burn test on very high or extreme or even get close to passing on a prime95 blend test but if set it 1333 with xmp profile on i get to pass intel burn test at maximum but a few worker always crash after 2-4 hours on prime95 i lead believe it may be my ram again as it is rounding errors, which after some research are usaully caused by cpu voltage or ram. My cpu volt is rather high for this overclock by being at 1.290.

all ram voltages are at stock of 1.5 and vtt 1.2 with XMP profiler on, I have seen a lot people with CPU overclock running at 1.6volt in the ram, should i do the same for a stable build ?

my main qeustion is what can i do to get ram running at stock settings of 1600 MHz and stable on all benches with no blue screen ?
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  1. you should set your ram to the stock values and run a memory tester on it.
  2. kevin83 said:
    you should set your ram to the stock values and run a memory tester on it.

    I t set stock and tested last night but it passed fine it tends to fail on cpu and ram mixed tests but if only run cpu it passes fine could there be compitblity issues ?
  3. Hmm can you check what temps you get when your overclock is at 4.3 ghz? The cpu heat itself could be causing issues exacerbated by the memory controller overclock.
  4. ideal 31 average gaming use 41-51c under intel burn the hottest running bench i have seen i hit 83 on maxuim test but it extreme of extreme prime 95 doesnt push past 65c i hear that ivy bridge is qeuit a hot chip thou. also might be worth noting that when i installed i did with overclock which made memory maganement crashes very common i reinstalled without overclock on and it fixed thou crashes but my rams will only crash my pc underload and at random if run at 1600mhz not at 1333 i hear some people have had with corsairs vengenace they bad at above stock voltages
  5. If you are still able to return the ram I would try again with a g.skill kit, they're very reliable and I've used numerous sticks of theirs with no issues. Then set everything to stock clocks and slowly bump up the cpu back to the level you want it.
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