Need good networked storage/backup solution. Pogoplug series 4???

So I am looking for a solution to store my media (songs/movies). I currently have a 1 TB HDD that just plugs into my laptop. I recently bought a new HDTV that supports DLNA though and so now I am looking for a way to access my media on both my laptop and my HDTV easily over the network with good performance.

I have about 160GB of music and 670GB of movies. I would like to keep the two seperate i.e. on two different HDD's.

Anyway I just bought one of these

I am not all that interested in the actual cloud aspects of it. I liked it as it has 2 usb 3.0 ports as well as a sata port for 2.5-inch laptop hard drives, or for compatible devices like the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex series of portable hard drives. It also has a usb 2.0 port.

Anyway so here is my thought. I was thinking of buying 2 separate usb 3.0 externals, one for the music and one for the movies. I would store my itunes library right on the external and I would set my utorrent to download right to the movies one. I believe this would seemingly allow me to the access both HDD's over my wireless network and listen t music on laptop and watch movies on my dlna HDTV. Then to back all this up I thought it would make sense to utulize the sata port with say like a 2 TB HDD and just set both externals to automatically backup to that.

Does this makes sense? Are there limtations to this setup I am nt seeing? Are there better ways to do this? I hate having my laptop tethered to an HDD to access my movies and my music and this (in my head at least) seems to fix this and also provide a fairly easy back up solution.
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  1. Yo, let me know how this works. I'm thinking of doing something similar!
  2. dont waste money see my forum post

    Chris Louie
    Cloud Engines
    Peter Redmer

    ARE YOU KIDDING???? how long have people been complaining about this product
    POGOPLUG SUCKS no tech support, random drastic changes with updates, hard as hell to troubleshoot

    I liked the idea of pogoplug at first
    the product was hard as hell to install and confusing
    to troubleshoot - forget support they are useless
    once I got it going it was great
    the very first versions of the software were really ROCKING

    (I have since then figured out how to install
    POGOPLUG first time, everytime - And I did not get the information from POGOPLUG support
    I don't think anyone in the company knows OR CARES there is a bug with the installation. It is a specific bug related to new computers or computers that have been recently restored after a crash)

    then the updates started happening
    each update F#<Ked up everything,
    I had ITpeople and non ITpeople on the network
    It was a mess updating and getting everyone back online each time

    I don't understand the changes
    I don't understand the non contiguous updates
    I don't understand the extreme lack of qualified support

    I had a lot of people wanting to buy the POGOPLUG
    because of all the great features
    But POGOPLUG put a stop to that by releasing updates

    that were just embarrassing... I have since told everyone
    to stay the HELL away from POGOPLUG

    POGOPLUGs software people and technical support should quit
    and go work for federal govt and become politicians... GOVT is the only place
    that their skills will be fully appreciated
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