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HiGuys. want to ask about the Water Cooling System if it can be installed on any Computer case Or it needs Certain PC/case..

My Sys...Processor...Pentium D 3.4 Ghz 4 MB Cache.
Vga:Nvidia 430Gt 2 GB.
Ram:4 GB. DDR2
Case...Dell Precision 380. Thx For Reading :) :) :) :) :):):):):):)
And can i install waterCooling sys on this case or not, and can i overclock this processor or not :)
Aha And Tell me It's price 2 thx
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  1. Not all cases are configured for water cooling, but you can modify the case. You can overclock that cpu and get a bit more performance from it, but if you are willing to throw money water cooling, I would just rather use the money to contribute towards a new cpu instead.
  2. Just New CPU? And Vga is good? Ram,, And May u telll me what CPu Should i buy? :)
  3. Money would be better spent on updated hardware...overclocking and watercooling aren't going to net you much benefit. What are you panning on doing with this machine?

    If this is a Dell computer, they likely won't allow overclocking as they typically have locked/disabled BIOS settings for that.

    Watercooling isn't as much about 'what kit do I get' it's about knowing what you need to cool and how to do it effectively based on your budget.
  4. ummmm thx Rbix ,thx Chairman ray But Any 1 tell me if me sys is good? The processor Sucks<i knw so i want to knw what processor should i buy or buy a new PC or what ,, replay plz :D
  5. The processor you want to buy depends on your budget, but if you wanna overclock you will get a lot for your money with these 2 CPUs I5 2500k and I5 3570k but then i bet you will need a new cooler, think a NZXT Havik 140 should be enough (but not that sure, i'm not expert or anything). Personally i'm going to buy the I5 3570k very soon.

    If you would please tell you budget then it's easy'er to recommend parts.

    NB, what mobo do you have?
  6. Sorry,Ra1212 What's The 2500k ,3570k? And what's Mobo iam not Very pro in computer Can u tell me?
    And Is 13 Godo processor or it wont Fit My Processor socket Thx :)
  7. oNP, me neither :P

    Mobo is a the same as motherboard.

    The 2500k and 3570k is processor names, the K stands for Overclockable. i'll link you that 2.



    As you see there is not a big price diference but the 3570k is a newer chip so unless you are not willing to spend 10$ more it would be stupid not to take the 3570k :D

    Still plz post budget, so i can find other items if needed.

    ohhh dang, they are lga 1155, maby you have to look for a new mobo then if you wanna make a big upgrade

    With that old Grapic card i'm almost thinking that the integrated grapic in the intel processor is better. (haven't checked specs, so i can be wrong)
  8. my Budget Between 124$---150$ ,, i think 124 Can Buy i3 Processor And Answer Me if i changed this processor My Machine will work ok or not .. ur Expert(:P)
  9. Don't take this personally, but you are attempting to put the cart before the horse:

    Overclocking and watercooling before knowing much about hardware components or what upgrades you might potentially need.

    An old Pentium D and nVidia 430 isn't going to allow you much other than web surfing, word processing or very old games (circa 2001-2003). Can you address what you are going to use this computer for? Overclocking this processor isn't going to net you much more performance for anything modern.

    my Budget Between 124$---150$ ,, i think 124 Can Buy i3 Processor And Answer Me if i changed this processor My Machine will work ok or not .. ur Expert()

    No, your motherboard is not compatible with an i3. I'm thinking your CPU is either socket 478 or socket 775, but either way it will not work. You are also going to need new RAM as i3 motherboards (socket 1155/2011) will only use DDR3. This means you need a new CPU, new motherboard and new RAM just to go this route. You also might need a new HDD and DVD/CD-R drive as may new motherboards no longer support EIDE and only use SATA.

    I think this is the time where you stop and reconsider what the overall plan is for this computer.
  10. OKay Thx Rubix :) :) i will buy New PC :D :D :D But want ur help on it so add me or do anything thx :)
  11. What video card is that? GT 430 or is it a GTS 430? Is it PCI-e or AGP? (Assuming PCI-e)

    I want 2 use this computer For playing new games heavy ones

    This processor and video card will not do this, sorry.

    I will change processor Soon..But can i3 Fit My socket or not

    No, please re-read my response above for the requirements for using an i3, which is a lower performing CPU and will only run games at moderate speed/performance.

    What games are you trying to play? Where are you getting them from?
  12. it's GT-430 2 GB , Like um BF3 MW3,Masseffevt3 Gta IV,,, Downloading From torrents i3 is lower performing CPU and will only run games at moderate speed/performance. ? ! Anyway Thx For Helping me :0
  13. I can tell you that on my laptop, with these specs:

    Intel core I5 430M 2,26ghz turbo speed 2,50ghz
    Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5650 up to 2747MB hypermemory
    4GB ddr3 RAM
    500gb SATA
    and some other shizzel
    is ONLY able to hande Battlefield 3 on LOW.

    So i would recommend the same as Rubix, and you would not be able to play any games like Diablo 3, Battlefield 3 or Starcraft 2 within you budget. So if you are going to spend more money on you pc to be able to play games like that, I would recommend buy a complete new pc.
  14. Quote:
    Downloading From torrents

    That's what I was afraid of.

    I am closing this thread. We do not support, encourage or allow discussion of any software piracy. This is against forum rules. Piracy is NOT an acceptable way of acquiring software that you should otherwise purchase.

    This is a warning; do not suggest, discuss or mention piracy, 'torrented' files or otherwise list any method of bypassing copyright and piracy laws on the forums.
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