Water cooling or Air cooling, and what cooler?

Hi Folks,

I need some help finding out if i should get a water cooler or an air cooler. I'm looking for a cooler that should be able to keep my I5 3570k CPU cool while overclocked to 4,6Ghz. I have look through a lot of Coolers on the internet, and by now the one i liked the most is Corsair h50-h60-h80 and the Antec Kuhler H2O 620, but i wanna know what you folks think, because i don't know about the noise on them above, i have heard the Corsair one are a bit noisy but i have heard 2 differant things about the Antec Kuhler H2O 620, one place say it's quiet and one place says it's noisy. So if there is any of you guys that have some of these coolers plz tell me what you think about them, or if you got(or just know) some other cooler that you think would be able to cool my CPU. Then it would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Budget: MAX 100$
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  1. For that budget, just go with a good air cooler. Corsair and Antec 'liquid coolers' do not perform any better than good air coolers.
  2. Well that leaves me with the question. What quiet/silent air cooler would you then recommend?
    And atm i only need 2 of my RAM slots, so if it's big thats ok.
  3. Well, I don't keep up on air coolers as much as some of the other guys, but you'll find many, many answers to this question in the heatsinks and air coolers forum.

    Most of the time we suggest Noctua, 212+ Evo, Phanteks and a few others.
  4. I have actualy been recommended the 212+ Evo one, but i asked if it would keep it cool enough for a constant 4,6ghz overclock, and didn't get answer..

    I will go look in the Air cooler section
  5. Yes it should. Most of those above will perform about as well as an H80 and just barely under an H100. The only benefit to a closed loop cooler would be the ability to absorb more heat quickly by the coolant than can be absorbed into a heatsink and heatpipes. You could bypass this by using HWMonitor or other software to run your CPU cooler fans at a higher profile to account for using the MB headers or simply run them via molex.
  6. Ok, about the software i'm a bit lost, and what's a molex think i have heard it before but can't remember.
  7. Molex is the 4 pin connector that you'll find for non-SATA devices. It's the wide, flat connector:

  8. Thanks for the help dude.
  9. NP, anytime.
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