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I was wondering whether I can swap out my existing Dell PSU wih another power supply. I have a Dell Studio XPS 9000. I have heard that Dell PSU's are non standard and you can't use other PSU's (i,e, Corsair) without some type of modification/adapter. The existing PSU is 475 Watts so my next question is whats the highest end Radeon card I can use.
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  1. believe the only difference between a DELL PSU and ATX PSU is the dell lacks the "on/off" switch in the back (Delluser1 would know better). I have placed ATX PSU into Dell so there is no issue with upgrading your PSU.

    The 475w DELL is fairly solid and outperforms a lot of 500w PSU. So you should be good to go on a lot ATI single cards like the 4870, 5770, 5850
  2. The case is big enough that they probably use a standard PSU. But you'd have to crack it open and check.

    The rents have a slim Dell XPS and the PSU it uses is wonky. I'd never be able to find a replacement other than through Dell.
  3. if its a mid/full tower dell (not a slim version) then you should be ok, except that sometimes there is some metal in the way of where the switch would be on a normal atx case, because dell psus lack this switch. however, i believe that the wiring is the same as a normal atx psu
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