I5 3570k on Asus P8Z77 - V

I am looking to Overclock my CPU but I dont know where to start.

I am currently running :

Asus P8Z77 - V
16gb DDR3 1600mhz ( Corsair Vengeance LP's)
EVGA Geforce 560 TI
3 1TB Western Digital Sata's
Samsung blu ray player

For cooling i have 5 Cooler Master Sickle Case Fans, A Antec Kuhler H20 920 Water Cooler.

Any tips and advice for This Overclock would be amazing

I am shooting for something between 4.00GHZ to like 4.5 Ghz
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  1. Ok after searching the Webs High and Low i found out some *** and tried it out.


    just gotta test stability, I know you use prime95 but what settings? should i use default (blends) or Small FFT or the In-place Large FFT
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