What can i play on this system?

I'm a gamer with an old computer right now, and I'm putting off building my new system for a bit. Steam is having their sale right now, and I've considered picking up some older games to play.

The last good game I played was warcraft 3.

P4 3.2
3.5 gig ram
nvidia fx 5700 ultra

I know its not much, but there are sure to be some older games I can play through.

I was thinking fallout 1 and 2, for starters.
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  1. hitman blood money
    nwn 1
    well most games pre 06 should work
  2. +1 for pre-06.
  3. Name some games worth playing.
  4. Depends what you're into. Lately, I've really gotten back into Company of Heroes, and you could probably squeak that, depending on your resolution. I've played a good bit of Battlefield 1942 with a Sempron 2800+ with the onboard video, and that's always a fun game too.
  5. A few more good ones.

    Half-Life 2 .......my favorite game of all time.

    Morrowwind. A 100+ hour RPG and the predecessor of Oblivion. Its still for sale in the Game of the Year Edition.

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. The original one.
  6. I second the HL2, but I'm not sure what kind of framerates you're going to get with that 5700. It all really comes down to the resolution you play at, and if you're tolerant of choppy moments.

    Here's a benchy from anandtech:

  7. Should be able to play World of Warcraft on low-ish settings...
  8. jonpaul37 said:
    Should be able to play World of Warcraft on low-ish settings...

    pretty low... or grab a used 4650 agp and play wow at med+ settings.

    I hear diablo 2 is good. Neverwinter nights was one of the best games I have ever played. You can download them via torrents and get all of the expansion packs as well.
    Most old school games can be had via isohunt
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