Good quiet air cooler needed.

Hi folks,

I have looked on a water cooler and asked on the watercooling section, and i have been told that i only need at watercooler so have been linked to this section.
I have a Intel i5 3570k ivy bridge and i'm going to overclock it to 4,6ghz, so i need an air cooler that can keep it cool with constant overclocked like that, for space my case is a NZXT Phantom 410 midi tower, i only have one grapic card so there should be space that way, and i only need 2 of the ram slots atm.

My budget is MAX 100$ and i would highly prefer quiet/silent coolers (who doesn't :P)

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Srry replying so late, do you have other possible Coolers, not sure if i can get that one the place i live.
  2. The NH-D14 is available in pretty much every country that I know of, but a few others to look for are a Phanteks PH-TC14PE, Thermalright Silver Arrow, Coolermaster TPC-812, Evercool HPJ-12025, and Spire Thermax Eclipse II.
  3. Thanks for the help dude.
  4. ra1212 said:
    Srry replying so late, do you have other possible Coolers, not sure if i can get that one the place i live.

    1.Thermaltake Frio will perfectly suit your needs. It's even available in my country .I live in Pakistan BTW.

    Here is the very detailed review of i7 3770k in which thermaltake frio advance is used

    In the review you'll see that the Frio was able to keep the 3770k ( overclocked upto 4.4 ghz ) under 70°C. Also keep in mind that 3770k runs hotter than 3570k.

    As long as you keep the Vcore in between 1.2-1.3 the frio will have no problem keeping temps under 70°C under load. Besides the i5 3570k can go upto 4.5ghz on stock voltage anyways.

    If you want to go above 4.5ghz than vcore has to be bumped upto 1.3x but this is where the ivy bridge goes nuts!! and gets very hot. For overclocks above 4.5 ghz(only in case of ivy bridge) water cooling is required.

    2.thermaltake Jing

    Note:Cheap coolers like hyper 212 evo or corsair a50 can't handle an overclocked ivy-bridge.
  5. Since you are interested in quiet cooling check out the cpu cooler reviews at Silent PC Reviews:
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