Old raid 1 drive from marvell 9128, trying to recover files on a mac

Hello guys, i looked everywhere for help and im not finding anything.

i have two harddrives from a raid 1 array on an old pc that had a marvell 9128 raid controller, specifically its the Rampage III GENE with two raid controllers, im pretty sure the drives were on the Marvell PCIe 9128 controller if not they were on Intel ICH10R controller but im almost positive it was the marvell controller.

i trying to recover these files and all i have now is a pretty powerful imac.

is there a way i can get a controller running on this pc to gain access to those drives again to atleast copy the information to my pc?
i thought it would just mirror the drives and i could put them in external boxes and use em later but i was wrong..

any help would be greatly appreciated. fyi there is no way of me going back to that previous pc as its gone and all i have to work with is an imac and an extremely slow pc at work thats running xp.

please help!
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  1. anyone anyone? i know theres a genius out there somewhere, please help! ive been reading forums for weeks now, usually im good at figuring this stuff out and finding answer's but this one i feel ive gone belly up :(
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