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External hard drive to be used as an internal hard drive

Hi guys. Hard drive prices as you all know have been hiked up terribly. Here in South Africa, internal hard drives 1Tb was R600 = $75. The world shortage caused the hard drives to skyrocket in price from R600 to R1800. That's a $150 price increase!

Now down to business. I have an external hard drive. Samsung Story. 1TB. I would just like to know what the possibility is, to take the hard drive out of it's enclosure, connecting it via a SATA port and using it as the internal hard drive. (booting windows, installing games and programs)
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  1. I don't see why not. It should be a standard hard drive inside. You might want to make sure it's out of warranty before opening the case though. Also, I don't think the enclosure's controller is doing anything funny with the data, but if it is, you may need to reformat the drive once it's in your computer.
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    You should easily be able to do this, however, I would be careful when removing the case. A lot of them are made not to come off, so be careful not to damage the drive when removing the case.
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