Measure the temperature of my cpu

I have an intel celeron M processor 1,5 ghz and I'm trying to find a program in order to measure the temperature. Unfortunately, motherboard monitor and core temp are not suitable for my CPU. May someone help me????
Thank u a lot!!!!
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  1. Give SpeedFan a shot.
  2. HW monitor works on my laptop, should work for you too
  3. I agree, HWmonitor.
  4. I also like HW monitor. I keep the files on a USB drive and have diagnosed a number of laptops with it since it only needs the files and doesn't need to install.

    How long have you had the laptop? Laptops are very susceptible to dust. A little can really shot your temps up quick. If you're temps are too hot, take the access panels off that you can get to (ram, HDD, etc) and spray the air in there. Hit the CPU heat sink good. With a few shots of air, I took a laptop running near the 100 Celsius mark and shutting itself down down to the 50s with no problems running. I try to do this twice a year with my laptops.
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