POSTs OK but wont REBOOT on any BIOS > 0408 - Rampage Formula

Hi, i have a strange problem, today i updated my BIOS from 0408 on my Rampage Formula board to the latest released BIOS 1001 and it POSTs and boots into Windows fine. However when i goto reboot windows, the system locks up and i need to pull the power from the back.

When powering up again, if i hit DEL and entre the BIOS setup, and then hit ctrl+alt+delete to reboot, again it locks up, and i need to physically pull the power or hold down the power button for 5 seconds, the reset button does not work. So i know this isnt a windows issue.

When it powers back on after this lock-up, it says 'Overclock failed hit F1 to enter setup or F2 to load defaults', but i am not trying to overclock it all settings are auto! I can confirm if i boot into windows with th 1001 BIOS and go start -> shutdown (instead of reboot), it shutsdown fine.

Dropping back down to 0408 BIOS and everything is fine again. Any BIOS over 0408 causes this problem.

My motherboard is Asus Rampage Formula
I am not overclocking the board, all options are set to AUTO.
My CPU is 9450 @ 2.66GGz
I have 2 x 2GB DDR2-800MHz RAM
I have two PCI-e graphics cards but not in SLI
I have a thermaltake 800W power supply
I have a USB keyboard, USB mouse, and USB tablet all connected

Just to re-iterate, i do not have any problems, crashes, rebooting issues or lockups with 0408, everything works as expected on that BIOS.

Any ideas?


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  1. Well, sounds like they put up a bad bios, which isn't unheard of. If I were you I'd email them and let them know something is up. Have you tried any other bios updates besides 1001?
  2. Thanks for the reply jdog, yeah basically ANY bios over 0408 and i get this problem. 0408 and under is fine, looking like i will downgrade again.
  3. Is there any particular reason your trying to flash to a newer revision? Bios updates differ from regular PC program updates and stuff like that, in that unless you have a specific reason to flash the bios to a newer version, the best thing to do is leave it alone.

    But you may have a valid reason so who knows *shrugs*
  4. Yeah i am trying to overclock it lol, problem is it should work i have flashed a million BIOS's before and now this is more of a challenge to understand why!!

    But yes i agree if it aint broke dont fix it, but i would like better memory clock compatibility as per the release notes in the update!

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