WiFi Connected But No Internet W/Out Yellow !

Hello Techies :hello:

OK have an old :pfff: Panasonic CF-74 Toughbook for work. I'm a GPS Dozer Operator and need to be able to update machine control files online. Being on the road I have hotspot on my phone which connects great on said laptop so my question is why the :pfff: Intel ProSet wireless connection utility on the laptop says connected with 54Mb/Sec on the campground WiFi but yet I try to use it It says it's "unable to connect, Blah blah blah", I'd like to watch netflix on my laptop but have a 2GB limit on my Phone. Why does it work with my droid hotspot and not with the :fou: campgrounds WiFi?

I hate the Intel proset wireless BS is there a way to get rid of that POS program and let Windows handle the WiFi? I think that's part of the problem is the POS third party program trying to handle my wireless.

Thanks Smart People ;)
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