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Hey guys i am kind of a noob when it comes to liquid cooling systems so i need some help. i have decided to build my own system. right now my setup is
i7 3770k oc to 4.8ghz
asus sabertooth z77
msi gtx 480
16gb 1666mhz patriot viper extreme ram
and i have the new cm storm stryker coming in the mail

i am going to be cooling my cpu. gpu, and eventually a second gpu(both gtx 480s)

i did a lot of research on cpu waterblocks and i bought an xspc raystorm.
the queston i have is which pump should i get that is not very noisy but can move water through the system. i also need help picking a radiator and a reservoir. i dont really have a price range, just nothing over like 700 bucks.
any information would be helpful and thank you for reading my post
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  1. i have two gtx 480's water cooled mine are the asus models and i have the DD water blocks for them seems to work well as for pumps i like the 655 series there are lots of versions out there as for rads i have four for mine but i like it that way, it is a bit of overkill. rads depend on fan type or vice versa so what type of fans?
  2. currently i have 2 coolermaster excalibur fans and 2 corsair sp120 fans. since i am getting a new full tower case it might have more fan slots so i will most likely get more of either fans.
  3. ok than low rpm fans mean low FPI rads for you to start i would say 1 360 or better but when you add the second gpu add another rad
  4. i was planning on starting off with a triple 120mm rad or 2 double 120mm rads. if i do have 2 or 3 rads, will i need another pump? and sorry if i sound noobish but what does FPI stand for?
  5. 1 655 series pump can handle 4 rads and 15 blocks maybe more i have not found there limit

    FPI fins pre square inch
  6. ok cool, so 1 pump is all ill need. by 655 i assume you mean the swiftech mcp655 correct? i have done a bit of research on it and i came across a few forums that say a 355 with a modded top is actually better. im not sure how much better though. do you think a 655 wuold work well for what i need? and thank you for taking the time to help me out.
  7. the 355 i think is a smaller motor for smaller loops but with the right head it would move the water faster if the system allowed it to, the 355 motor is a faster motor. but may not last as long

    i really like that pump a lot. do you know anything about it vs the swiftech 655? because the EK definitely looks a lot nice to me but im not sure if i want to spend the extra 50 or so dollars just for looks
  9. it is the same pump with a diffrent head that one allowes for compression fittings to be installed.
  10. are compression fittings necessary? do they improve preformance at all?
  11. no i just like them better than barbs but it is not necessary to use them
  12. ok cool. i think im going to go with that EK one with Swiftech MCR320-XP triple 120mm radiator. thanks so much for ur help. i have learned a bunch
  13. your welcome
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