Gigabyte Motherboard hangs at splash screen

Evening all,

Long time reader, first time poster!

I've just built a new PC, everything listed is new and arrived today.

Gigabyte 790XTA-UD4
8gb Corsair xms3 DDR3 RAM
Nvidia 1gb 465 GTX
1000w asaka PSU
AMD Phenom 2 x6

Basically the computer turns on, all fans etc start purring away and all seems well. The Gigabyte splash screen loads up but I get no response from the USB keyboard and can't do anything, the usb mouse lights up and every now and then the light comes on when you press the num key but most of the time it just seems to hang :(

I've replaced the mobo battery but I can't imagine it's that with a brand new mobo.

Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated as I want to get on and try this baby out and I'm getting really frustrated!!!

Thanks in advance

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    Probably does not support the X6 without a bios flash...
  2. Hi mate, thanks for the quick reply!

    How do I do that if I can't get into the bios? :( Someone said about resetting the bios but I don't know how to do that either lol.
  3. Right I cleared the CMOS by touching the two pins with a screwdriver like it said in the manual and I've reset the bios by taking the battery out for an hour both with no luck so if anyone can help with flashing the hdd I'd really appreciate it :)
  4. I can't decide if it's rebooting on it's own or not, the display and power to the mouse goes off but then the splash screen comes back up almost immediately.
  5. any ideas lads? :(
  6. If you have any luck with this problem let me know. I am having almost the exact same problem and nobody really seems to know what the deal is.
  7. Hi tyb,

    The bios needed flashing so that it would read the CPU. The problem was I couldn't get into the Bios to flash it because it would just hang on the splash screen so I ended up putting an old CPU and heatsink in, booting up and flashing the bios with that CPU installed and then once that was done putting the new one in and hey presto! Fully functional, lightning fast PC!

    Hope this helps buddy.

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