Paradigm Shift for the proverbial PC in 2010?

The industry has changed in 2009, in 2010 the PC standard will be reshaped. From Hard Disk Drives, to Solid State Drives in the mas market, From Windows XP and Vista to 7.

Are we headed to a great PC renaissance again? Technology will always improve and get better but are we seeing quality products so everyone can enjoy great mainstream PC parts and software?
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    Technology always redefines itself as the needs of people change, it's a form of adaptation so i don't think it is a reinnassence per se but rather just a wide variety of changes all happening at the same time, SSD's are not new they have been around for a while but most companies and customers saw no need for them since they were expensive and the computing needs of the mainstream were just fine with disk drives, now the mainstream's needs have changed, video games are muh more demanding, the average user handles a lot of apps at once,itunes,multiple browsers, video downloading and encoding,video uploading,video streaming, Hi def content and so forth, thus processors are evolving to handle all these tasks while making the user experience better, now SSD's are much more palatable because they provide something that many users these days appreciate more than ever:speed. GPU's are designed to handle the growing number of graphically demanding games, like crysis for instance and many others, even consoles are gradually evolving to adjust to the trends (nintendo is working on the wii HD and almot surely both the PS4 and the next Xbox are going to come with games with 3d Hi def effects...not 3d gaming but three dimensional views like the imax 3d) Seven is just an adjustment of Vista for the most part not a drastic change to the OS's kernel i don't really see anything new, it was the same way when we moved from single core cpu's to multi cores and when we stepped up from IDE to sata although i think it's going to be at least another two years before the SSD start to become mainstream, the world is changing and in many ways the world that we grew up in the 20th century is gradually dying and being replaced by a completely new world of high end smart phones with PC like capabilties and gaming power, computers with 3d viewing monitors and even higher resolutions and a slow merger between the internet and cable gradually everything is becoming one large medium......i guess Bob Dylan said it best....the times they are a changin.
  2. But even with the increase in computer power, we still do not have speech recognition.
  3. well paradigm in terms of we are getting a total new generation of preformance parts and its already going to be MAINSTREAM by this year. Gone are the days of LGA775 and DDR2 slowly...
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