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Hey! I wanna upgrade my graphics card so I can play a game like Borderland without lag, my computer specs atm are:
-HP Pavilion model a6600f
-Intel Pentium E2200 Dual Core 2.2ghz
-Intergrated Geforce 7100 graphics card
-3 gb of RAM (well 2.9 to be exact)
-And a 250watt power supply
Please and thanks for replying! :D
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  1. Your 250w PSU will be the most limiting factor when it comes to choices in cards. An ATI4650 will probably be ok to install (it runs purely off the slot it plugs into, doesn't require a power connector directly to PSU) as HP puts decent quality PSUs in their pre-built computers.

    Depending on the resolution you are playing at, a game like borderlands should be able to be played decently at medium-low settings.
  2. You really should upgrade your CPU and your PSU if you want to put in a powerful GPU and play modern games and high settings without lag. Anyway, without upgrading anything else the best I would put in that system is a 9500GT or a GT220. You may be able to put in a 4670/4650 or a GT240, but that would be pushing it and you run the risk of blowing your PSU and damaging your system. It's up to you though.
  3. Cool I'll check out the graphics cards you guys recommended/suggested lol. Thanks again.
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