Dual core + 4890/gtx260 OR quad core + 5770?

Hi i am going to be buying computer parts for my first gaming build within the next few days. My current choice for processor/GPU is the phenom IIx4 955 3.2ghz with a radeon 5770.
I need to stay within my budget, but i want excellent gaming performance. Will i be better off downscalling my processor to a Phenom II x2 550 3.2ghz, and put more money into a better graphics card like a gtx 260/ Radeon 4890?

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  1. I would suggest sticking with the 955 and 5770, if you desire longevity in your system, the quadcore will hold up longer, and the 5770's DX11 capabilities puts it in the forefront for future games.
  2. Hey if I'm not mistaken, 5770, GTX 260's and 4890's are all around the same price +/- $20 or so.

    So quad core plus whatever video card you want. The 4890 is the most powerful out of those 3 cards with the GTX 260 coming at a close second.
  3. tuesday0180 said:
    Hey if I'm not mistaken, 5770, GTX 260's and 4890's are all around the same price +/- $20 or so.

    So quad core plus whatever video card you want. The 4890 is the most powerful out of those 3 cards with the GTX 260 coming at a close second.

    Just because those cards perform better doesn't make them the best choice. The 5770 offers the advantages of DirectX 11 support, much lower power consumption, quieter operation, far better temperatures, and its performance will improve even further with future driver releases.

    Stick to the quad core and HD 5770, you'll be glad you did.
  4. If for any other random reason I end up going with the phenom II x2 550 BE, What will my gaming performance be like?
    Ile be playing modern warfare 2 and crysis.

  5. Also, i will not be overclocking. Will performance still be good? I'le probably OC the graphics card but not processor.
  6. it is easier to overclock the CPU with unlocked multiplier!
  7. Without overclocking, what will my performance be like in modern warfare and crysis. My monitor isnt too fancy. It is something like 1280x1024.
  8. Based on you resolution and cpu + gpu it will be good! It does not matter which of these cards you pair with a fast dual core HD5770 HD4870/90 or GTX260 at 1280 x 1024 the performance is going to be good.
  9. Without overclocking at a resolution like 1280x1024 you'll play Modern Warfare with high settings and plenty of FPS. Should be smooth as butter.

    As far as Crysis, with a lower resolution like that, you'll primarily be limited by CPU clock speed. Crysis is both CPU and GPU intensive, and shines if you have a good CPU. At your low resolution, you should find good performance there too.

    I'd suggest going for the Quad Core though. Games are starting to have better support for multi-core CPUs, and the lesser Dual-Core will need upgrading in the not so far off future.

    As far as overclocking goes, it's easier (in my opinion) and more reliable to overclock a processor. Plus you'll usually see more performance gain from a CPU overclock than a GPU overclock. And GPUs are very easy to replace/upgrade as time goes on.

    Overclocking the CPU will extend it's useful life as games demand more. Overclocking a GPU won't really prolong it's useful life, you'll still need a better video card to keep up at some point.

    Go with the Phenom II X4 955 & ATI 5770. You'll have DirectX11 ability (for future use if you plan to keep this card long term).

    If all out performance is key (DirectX11 isn't big yet) the ATI 4890 is the best performer of the bunch.
  10. Once i get everything put together, I will not be overclocking the CPU. I am going to wait maybe a couple of weeks maybe more. I havn't incorporated a heatsink/fan to replace the stock one that comes with the processor. Maybe i should cut back on other things and order a better cpu cooler? Will this be necessary for a CPU overclock if my case has good airflow? Also i was wondering if I will need to adjust anything in the BiOS or anything once the system is built. Will my components such as RAM already be optimized?
  11. Definitely go for a quadcore imo. If the price is an issue make it an Athlon II rather than a Phenom II. Read this for more info on the technical and effective differences between the two;
  12. You should be able to get a fairly decent overclock even with the stock cooler that comes with the processor. It's not particularly hard to do unless you want to push the limits of the chip and from the sounds of it you do not. Some motherboards even have automated overclocking these days.
  13. Im going to use the Antec 200, with all of the extra fans installed. My CPU is phenom II x4 955 3.2ghz. My mobo is Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P ( http://www.directcanada.com/products/?sku=11830BD2703 ). Im not totally sure what you mean by automated overclock, but im guessing you mean the mobo might overclock when it can improve performance? I'd like to do a mild overclock later on meaning maybe 3.4-3.6 ghz? Please get back to me about this. Will i need to divert some money to a better CPU cooler?
  14. For an OC that small the stock cooler should be fine.
    I'm not sure if your motherboard has the option but some boards have auto overclocking settings in the BIOS so you can OC just by telling it to. The results would likely be better by hand but for a mild OC it's probably fine.
  15. If you want to overclock, you don't *have* to upgrade your cooling.. but If you DO you will see better overclocks.. Your chip runs hotter when you overclock it if you have to add more voltage... if it gets to a certain temp, it becomes unstable... So if you put a great cooler on it, it drops the temp.. making it stable.. Also, the heat reduction makes the CPU last a lot longer.. Its good even if just for that even though they are rated for decades of normal use :-)

    I would also say get the DX 11 card combo.. I'm probably going to either buy that DX 11 card or save my money an extra few months and wait for a Fermi nvidia chipset..
  16. He is talking about a 10% OC, the stock cooler will be more than fine.
  17. Can you point me to a guide that deals with mild overclocks? thanks
  18. This article describes the basic principles;
    It should be even simpler for you with your multipliers unlocked. More extensive guides can easily be found with google.
  19. I have also heard that people with the radeon 5770 end up having to use the vista 64x driver? I was hoping somebody could tell me where to find the most up to date driver once everything is assembled.
  20. The latest drivers can always be found here;
    I don't know why you would need to use the vista drivers on win7 or where you heard that.
  21. k thanks
  22. If i can get a 150$ saphire 4890 1gb from someone who's selling it brand new, would this be a good upgrade? ive got a 600w PSU with a modern motherboard. Im 90% sure it will fit in an antec 200?

  23. That's a good deal and basically the same price as an HD5770. The HD4890 vs HD5770 is a judgment call you have to make yourself however. The HD4890 is approximately 15% faster while the HD5770 is superior in terms of features with DX11 compatibility, 3 monitor support and much greater power efficiency.
    Personally I would probably take the HD5770 but that says more about my own priorities than what you should decide.
  24. Oh, I forgot you said your resolution is 1280x1024. In that case the performance difference between those two cards is totally meaningless unless upgrade your monitor.
  25. As most of us have said get the HD 5770.
  26. IMO the quad core will become alot more useful as more multicore games and programs are developed. the ati 5770 is great aswell. even though the other cards are more powerful you can overclock the 5770 to match or even better them. :) youll also get DX11 and eyefinity
  27. go for 5770 and quad core......
  28. Quote:
    LOOL HD 4890 is equal to GTX 285 and slightly better than GTX 275... GTX 260 is equal to HD 5770 but HD 5770 shits all over GTX 260 cos of DX 11 and all that crap.

    Actually 5870 > 5850 > GTX 285 > 4890 = GTX 275 > 5770 = 4870 = GTX 260

    The 5850 performs about the same as the GTX 285 but with driver improvements and tweaks it'll stomp it into the ground before we know it.
    Although the 5770 is better than the 4870 or GTX 260 tech wise with DirectX 11, power consumption, size, noise, etc. it performs almost identically to them (although driver improvements and tweaks will most likely change that).
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