Nvidia Geforce Go 7600 Driver Issue On Sony Vaio VGN-FE38

Ok,1st thing 1st,
Nvidia Geforce Go 7600 driver not working on my laptop
I install the driver(at 1st i was like running 4 bit and the colors of my dekstop is off,like way off!) under 640x480 4 bit running at my properties,and no matter what and how i configure the settings (without the driver) the settings will auto revert to its 640x480 4 bit color screen reso even do i already configure it and click apply, and for sure its not virus or anything coz i just formatted it and it was a laptop i found in my attic. (just saying,not attic and not bought of course)
And then i install the nvidia driver from the website(sony) and when i try to run it full reso + 32 bit it won't work after i click apply it blank! blackout! I push turn off button and after it boot,it load the Win XP logo and blank!
Then,i pull the battery out and push the on/off button for 30 sec and then boot it,went to safe mode,uninstall the driver,and it all went well again(640x480 4 bit =.=) Are there any solution on this? or is it the chip of the graphics is toast?
i've been google it everywhere i couldn't hit anything,please,any ideas or solution?
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  1. Try booting from an Ubuntu or Fedora liveCD. if you are able to get higher resolution from that then you know it is a windows or windows driver problem. if it also fails under linux then you know it is a hardware problem.
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