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Best reservoir for liquid cooling

hey guys so my liquid cooling build is almost done. i have the cpu waterblock, the radiator, and the pump.
cpu:xspc raystorm
rad:Swiftech MCR320-XP 3x120mm
pump:EK D5 X-Top w/ Alphacool VPP655 Variable Speed Pump Installed

all i need help with is getting the reservoir. i am not really sure how to choose which one so and 2 cents would help a lot. money isnt really an issue, i just dont want to spend a lot of money if i dont have to. thank you
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    A reservoir is a reservoir; it holds water.

    It really depends if you want a bay res, a cylinder res or even a top/res.
  2. as long as its sealed and holds water it works.
    i prefer tube over bay because of the looks, the bay clutters the front panel too much in my opinion.

    one of my favorites is right here :
  3. very similar to the BitzPower Multi-z as well.
  4. Technically you don't actually need a res, but often a pump top res is the best bet and can help improve flow rates.
  5. It all comes down to space, I use a bay res containing a pump because it is compact.

    Others may use different reservoirs because they have a larger case.
  6. thank you all for your input
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