Games not running well anymore, Need new graphics card?

I have been having lag on all my games including WoW and Team fortress 2. I used to be able to run them smoothly on high settings but now on WoW I lag on the lowest settings. WoW is a very easy game to run. This doesn't make any sense at all considering I have windows vista with an nvidia geforce 9100 video card, an amd phenom quad core processor, and 5.7gb RAM

The lag seems kind of strange. For example, WoW will say I am getting 30fps, but it will feel like 3fps. It seems to slow down and speed up rapidly.

I got a new modem and had my isp check my internet connection. So it is not my internet. I reformatted my harddrive and restored my computer to its factory settings so I don't think it is a software problem.

I don't know a lot abbout computers so I would like to know why I could once run games well but then suddenly stop running them well.

It must be a hardware problem, but I'm not sure if it is my video card. your thoughts?
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  1. It is your card. It is a basic integrated card to give you nice 2d on the screen.
  2. If you have the possibility to insert another harddrive where you do a fresh install of Windows Vista and trying to run some games on there, you will notice if it's a software problem.

    If it's harware related: it could be that your powersupply is getting bad which affects your other components as well.
  3. If you have 9100 card i suggest you upgrade it to atleast 9600 or maybe 9800
    check the power supply and system specs again
    Good luck
  4. dust in the heatsink(s) causing it to overheat and throttle down?
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