How to connect PC to Home Teatre`s 5.1

Hey, I have M3n78-VM Motherboard , and also LG XH-T762PZ Home Teatre, i would like to watch films on my computer and get the voice through dvd player`s speakers (5.1), I mean PC------->DVDPlayer--------> 5.1 Speakers ... Thanks..
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  1. Get a digital optical toslink cable and hook it up to your onboard soundcard.
  2. astrallite said:
    Get a digital optical toslink cable and hook it up to your onboard soundcard.

    I don't think that will work. His LG setup only has SCART, analogue stereo and USB inputs, and I don't think the USB will do surround sound. I don't think he can use the LG XH-T762PZ the way he wants to, but I can't be sure because I couldn't find an owner's manual.
  3. Guys, i have Optical IN connector behid of the dvd player, then with this cable, i need to connect with soundcard`s green jack? will i have 5.1 ? i mean how it will seperate the sound between the speakers.... thanks for helping..
  4. That's funny. I found a description of the LG XH-T762PZ online that didn't mention TOSLINK. But, as you say, you do have optical in, so just use the optical out on the motherboard which is the gray thing next to the s-video jack. Your DVD player should decode it and send the sound to the correct speakers automatically.
  5. :)). after your sentences, i again checked my optical out on my dvd player :))), yes there is this Optical IN connector Place. So basicly i need to buy a cable, which has one side with optical IN which will connect with dvd, and the other side like 3,5mmjack which going to connect with gray thing on my motherboard,, right? really thank you guys, and do i need to do some setting in my dvd player, or in my computer just after this connection, thank you again guys.. Sposibo...
  6. No, you will just need a standard optical cable.

    Your Motherboard has an optical output.
    Using this picture for reference, you can locate it on the left side of the board, between the USB connectors and the HDMI output.

    Be aware though, you will only be able to output Stereo LPCM to the receiver unless you are watching a film with a pre-encoded DD or DTS 5.1 audio track.
    If you would like to have full 5.1 surround output for gaming or other applications, you will need a dedicated sound card that is capable of DDL or DTS Connect encoding.
  7. oh,, today i`ve got that cable, connected them, while watching dvd film(opening in my computer with daemon tools) i can get the 5.1, and also while testing in my computer all speakers, geting fully good response, but now the problem is why i cant listen ac3 and other stuff 5.1 in KMPlayer, BSplayer etc...? and what you mean PRE-Encoded? so you mean like even the mkv file has 5.1 feature, i will not get the surround sound?,,, thank you guys, really helpfull.
  8. Both DD (Dolby Digital) and DTS (Digital Theater Systems) are standards for encoding up to 5.1 audio streams.
    Some media (like DVD's) have their audio pre-encoded into this format (it has already been converted and stored).
    Others are encoded in other formats or not encoded at all.

    As it stands now, your onboard audio codec is only capable of outputting Stereo LPCM (uncompressed) or bitstreaming (simply passing through) a DD or DTS stream.
    The only way you will be able to output 5.1 surround regardless of the format is to obtain a sound card that is capable of DDL (Dolby Digital Live) or DTS Connect Encoding.
    A sound card such as this will allow you to encode in real time up to 5.1 audio channels for output over a digital connection.

    As to why your audio may not be playing back at all...
    Make sure you have the S/PDIF Pass-through Device selected as the default audio device or make sure your player is set to use this for output.

    Also, you may be able to pass through audio from your .mkv's, depending on how they are encoded.
    If the audio stream is a DTS, DD or AC-3 (another name for DD), you will have no issues.
    Otherwise, there will be no issues outputting stereo sound.
  9. Thanks for reply, today i realized that, after opening a video file such as Mkv which has feature like 5.1, there is an option present on the remote control of the dvd player like `SOUND`, If you press it few times till appear option `PLIIMOVIE` or `PLIMUSIC` you can get 5.1 sound,otherwise no. And now, i checked all the files like an ac3, mkv, iso, dts, avi and result i can get the 5.1 sound, .. guys, really it works thanks you guys....
  10. It sounds like you have 5.1 movie files but you aren't getting 5.1 sound.

    One of the easiest solutions is to download AC3filter (from, and a compatible media player, like Media Player Classic Home Cinema (probably the most flexible media player available and a favorite of HTPC users).

    In ac3filter you need to check "Use SPDIF" under main, and "Use SPDIF" in the spdif tab with "Output SPDIF as PCM" unchecked.
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