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mine is almost equal, i can't disable the integrated video on my motherboard... the old one is 6100 i brought the geforce 8 series card and do it as the "instructions" say how to but still doesn't work :??:

any help is handy
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  1. Did You disable onbord video in the bios?
  2. no but i'm going to do it let's see...
  3. if ur new 8 series supports turbo cache u need not disable onboard graphic... turbocache lets the discrete card to share with onboard one.....in increasing performance....... :)
  4. i won't recongnice it already appears in the BIOs as primary card but still doesn't work :/
  5. i did figure out it is the mother board who is wrong... got to replace it :/ thanks for you time ;)
  6. What do you mean it doesn't work?
    Try plugging the card in, and hooking the monitor cable to the card.

    @striker, I think you mean HybridSLI, which works with 8400GS/8500GT, but does not work with the 6100.
  7. it starts slow like it's trying to read it and install it but it chooses not to...

    the other day i started it and it installed very well but the day after it wasn't installed... :whistle:
  8. still nothing...
  9. Plug the card in, hook the monitor up to the "8 Series" card, start the computer, install drivers, restart.
    If it's a 8800GT, 8800GS, 8800GTS, 8800GTX, or 8800Ultra then make sure the 6-pin is connected.
  10. thanks for that but i have found that i need to update few things and i am using Driver Detective... still searching for activation key for version
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