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Hi everybody I just built my computer yesterday and I have a couple of questions if yall dont mind answering them. I got the ASUS P6X58D Premium Motherboard, I7 975 Extreme processor and the corsair H50 cooler for it. My case is a corsair 800d. I put a XFX 5870 in it and 6 gigs of Corsair Dominator 1600 ram. I have been reading alot on this site and I know there will be alot of people that say that I wasted my money on the 975 but I know someone who works for intel and i got it for an unbelieveable price. I plan on doing some minor overclocking probly get it up to 4ghz. Other then that nothing too extreme. My first question is im not sure if i got the heatsink on all the way or if my motherboard is giving good readings or not. The bios is telling me 30c on my processor and when I get in my computer the asus utility tells me the same. Ive heard alot of people say that the I7 975 normally runs really really hot so it really makes me wonder if I have everything installed properly. My motherboard temp is showing slightly lower then the processor I think it was in the high 20's. Is that normal? Another thing I built my computer for gaming. Would stepping up my processor to 4ghz be really beneficial to my frame rates or just a minor increase? I havent decided if i wanna overclock my video card yet. But when the time comes is the catalys utility good for that or is it better to do it thru the bios? I really havent got to play to many games yet. Ive been updating alot trying to get everything installed before I get too gung ho into games. Well thankyou for all the help in advance and hopefully someone has a decent amount of knowledge on this.
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  1. I'm no expert but 30C looks good compared to 53C on my 9400GT(I know its not a gaming card I bought it two years ago at Best Buy).
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    if the CPU temp is 30c at idle; the heatsink is on and working fine

    the i7 975 is fast, very, very fast so even if you did OC it to 4ghz, I doubt it would improve your gaming. Not that you will suffer anything since the 5870 is a fantastic card, its just your CPU is faster. If you plan to cross fire two 5870, then I would look into OC it but its fine at stock settings.

    catalyst utility works well for OC your video card
  3. mister g said:
    I'm no expert but 30C looks good compared to 53C on my 9400GT(I know its not a gaming card I bought it two years ago at Best Buy).

    CPU run cooler then GPU, add to that the Nvidia 9xxx series runs hot. Both my Asus 9800GT and GTS250 will idle at 60c. My Asus 9600GT did run cooler and all three cards have the exact same glaciator cooler.
  4. Thnx, now I know at least that the new Nvidia drivers isn't screwing with my fan.
  5. If your CPU runs 30C idle thats excellent, nothing to worry about. We'll see how it does under load though. Secondly your temps are fine they are low which is good. Also I don't think bringing your CPU up to 4.0 will give you any benefit...3.3 is already plenty.
  6. Thankyou all for your helpful insight. I was just worried that it wasnt hooked up so greatly. I did run L4D maxed out in everything and it make me laugh. My old computer is a laptop. Its the Gateway P7811FX. It is a good laptop and at the time I bought it, it was an amazing laptop. But now I realize how outdated it is lol. I was gettin 90fps on my new comp with everything maxed out. I do understand that my new comp is almost top of the line in everything but wow. Its amazing. I also do know L4D isnt a brand new game or benchmark game but its one of the frequently played games at our lan parties. I think the next game that im gonna test is Battlefield Bad Company 2. I wanna put my computer to the test. In 3dmark 06 i get a score of 22000. Im very happy with that but does anyone else have any recommendations on other software to really test my system. I want to see how hot it gets under a 100% load. Ive seen alot of people talk about prime 95. Im not exactly sure where to find that at tho where i can actually download it safely. haha next on the download list after all my steam games. AVG FTW lol. Thankyou all again for your help it is greatly appreated. I know right now im a noob when it comes to this stuff but we all gotta start somewhere. Thanks again
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