Dimm it, janet!

my dell utilizes ddr3 technology. it came with the standard 3g of dimm's.

i am looking to augment my memory with additional dimms.

my question is, what are the rules for adding dimms with ddr3 tech. should the slots be filled 3 at a time? or is it possible to just add an additional stick one at a time?

thank you for your time.
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    Is this a desktop? What CPU do you have?

    If you have an i7 900 you'll need to run triple channel so three slots or six slots should be filled for optimal performance.
    If you have anything else, you'll need to run dual channel so two or four slots should be filled for optimal performance.
  2. that's just what i needed to know!

    yes, i'm running the i7 900. i've been beefing it up on a shoestring budget.

    i was wondering because i rarely find memory sticks available in 3's on the ebay. armed with this information that you have provided me will help me to plan my upgrade strategy.

    you guys provide a great service here. thank you, Lmeow.
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