Rename multiple jpg file through ms dos

all .jpg files are in single folder.
i want to remove characters from .jpg file using ms dos
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  1. I have never seen anything to do this in DOS, although you could just make a list of the file names to a file, edit it into a bunch of rename commands, and execute the file.

    There are, on the other hand, some freeware tools to do bulk renames in Windows. If you are willing to change your parameters and use a windows tool, I'll look in my download directory and see if I can find a good one.
  2. Nilesh1210 said:
    all .jpg files are in single folder.
    i want to remove characters from .jpg file using ms dos

    I believe what your want to do is rename the extension of the file name, no the file name itself, if I am undestanding correctly.

    Since all the files are already in one folder, first of all, are you running dos from inside of windows? If so click on the Start button and then the Run command. At the Run window box, type cmd to run the dos command emmulator program.

    If they are under your My Documents folder type cd My Documents [enter]... and if they are under a sub foldr of that then do the same for that folder etc.

    If they are in a totally different place then type cd \ [enter] to take you back to the root C directory and then go through the process of figuring wherever you put them and changing the command prompt to point to them.

    Once there, you have a couple options:

    1) Use the copy *.jpg *.abc to make a copy of the files but with the extension abc instead of jpg... Note.... this will keep the orignal files also, all in the same folder, just incase something messes up. You can delete the orginals at any time with the del *.jpg command.

    2) Use the rename command ren *.jpg *.abc Note: this will change the extenion letters of the orginal file, so if you go looking for jpg files, they wont be there.

    On that note... most photo viewer software will recognize jpg file formats (and others) as picture files, thus will preview, thumbnail, open then etc... windows it self may even have that ability... so in reality, dont count on them not been seen...
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