A Good Buy? Or a Rip-off?

I went to Best-buy today and looked at their cheaper quad-core computers they had available. The only one that really stood out was the Asus - Essentio Desktop with Intel Core i5 Processor. Asus Essentio

I see that this is a 3.2Ghz processor speed, 8gig of DDR3 ram, 1TB hd (which as long as it's SATA I could care less if it was 300gb or 300tb...),
has an Intel HD for the graphics card (which is probably crap and I'll need to throw in a good video card), has 10usb slots, comes with win7, big case to upgrade easily, 2 PCI slots (2 x16 PCI or x8? I'm not sure, I need to find out incase I want to setup cross fire on video cards.....), has an HDMI port, and other junk....

So just wondering if this is a good computer for 730.00 to buy and to get a couple video cards and cross fire or one good video card thrown in there. I could probably buy everything and build my own but then I wouldn't have the 1year warranty, I'd have to put it all together, and I'd have to buy win7 on top of that....

I'm wanting a computer to play Aion with full settings on my 42" tv. I'm sure I will have to upgrade the video card definitely but other than that I should be fine right?

Trying to keep my new computer rig under 1k, and some of the good combo deals are out now on newegg that they were running. Also if I buy from someplace I get win7 really cheap and I get that 1year warranty that makes me feel all gooey and safe on the inside so I can sleep at night.
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  1. Any other ideas? Were you able to find the psu wattage or what the 2 pci slots were exactly? (x8 or x16?) couldn't find too much info other than just what i found on best-buy. Thanks.
  2. Building your own sounds good, but oem systems are always cheaper. Just don't expect to upgrade it down the road. It's not designed for it. For a video card, the 4670 has run well with some low end powers supplies, and may be all the card you need. And be sure to back up your files right away, and create some backup disks for windows 7 or buy the dvd on craigslist if it's cheap.
  3. The 1156 motheboards all run at 8x dual. Although you get a 1 year full warranty with this computer I would build my own because:
    -warranties on each individual part of usually more than a year
    -unlocked bios
    -you can purchase a reliable power supply rather than the crap the asus likely comes with
    -I find even after factoring windows 7 for $120 into the equation, the build it yourself is the same price or less.
    -I can't back this up but I think if you make any system changes like add a video card or change the power supply, you void the warranty
    -more cost effective for customizing it to your needs
    -ensure you get good quality parts

    If you still want to get that computer, I would recommend a single card and a new power supply keeping it under 1K:

    I don't know much about Aion but I think you could probably max out the setting or at least most of them with that.

    If you want to build your own, I would recommend the following (based on your only use being Aion):
    I personally am not a fan of crossfire because of the increased cost of the motherboard and that two cards does not equal anywhere near 2x the performance.



    Video Card (5850 should be more than enough):


    HDD 1TB:

    RAM (heatsinks are a gimmick)(currently 4GB is the "sweet spot"):

    Total of $786 after $35 total MIR. Leaving you $214 for windows 7 and a case.
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    That isn't a quad core computer, the 3.2Ghz I5 is the I5-650, a dual core. The only quad core I5 is the I5-750 clocked at 2.66Ghz. Also it lists as having 2 PCI slots, and doesn't mention PCI express slots, your intent to install a video card would require PCI express. I'm not sure if that is bestbuy mislabeling stuff or not, but I wouldn't take the risk since computers usually have PCI express and PCI slots.
  5. good catch loneninja. Now I'm thinking that desktop isn't even worth that cost.
  6. Build it yourself, go on be a devil!!
  7. Not worth it. Like others have said, have you considered building a system yourself? It is not hard at all.
  8. I can give you another reason to not buy that's garbage! I bought the offering in that same line that came out last August, but it had the i7-920 instead of that CPU. It also had a better graphics card, the GTX 260. Well, it was DOA, and if you read reviews of it online there are MANY others who had the same issue I did. After that I got fed up and built my own system, which was much more satisfying on so many levels. If nothing else, if anything goes wrong I'm much more able to find and fix the problem myself.
    But back on topic, why I know that particular computer is garbage as well as their earlier version that came out last August is because it has the same EXACT problem. I know 2 people, personally, who have bought it and had it be DOA (1 person) or after a week and a half (other person). By DOA I mean it powers up, fan blows up to max speeds, no video output from monitors, nothing. Buyer beware on these hunks of junk!
  9. I can build a system, the hard part is getting the right setup. Some of the good combo deals ended recently. I don't want to build a computer that isn't upgradable, that's how my 64 Athalon 3500+ is... I'm set on a quad-core, with some decent ram, and a good/great video card.

    That kind of bums me out that they pretty much mislabeled it, because it is labeled as a quad-core at the stores, and I noticed they didn't have any specifics for the pci slots except that it was labeled as 2....

    Anyone got some good suggestions, trying to keep it under 1k.... with win7 included.... probably would want 64bit, since more than 4gig of ram will be helpful later down the road.

    EDIT: I guess I could gut my 64 Athalon 3500+ and use the big case, replace the fans, reimage the Windows XP OS to a new SATA 7200 hd, and throw the rest of the junk from that into another computer. Atleast I'd have a 500W psu, a case, and an OS.....that might cut off a couple bucks for better parts?

    Just really not wanting to build a computer and sink more than 1k in it, but I want it to be fast and to last a good while later down the road.
  10. DANGER!!

    It said "PCI" not "PCI-e".
    If that is correct, you will NOT be able to add a new graphics card, which would really suck if you bought it then tried to add a GPU.

    I guess I'm a bit late since you already decided not to get it.

    Your processor seems weak and uses a socket not compatible with newer CPUs, so upgrading is definitely out of the question.
  11. Any good build suggestions? Would really like to keep it in lower than 1k and it be upgradeable later down the road and actually not suck...... would rather spend 1k on a useful pc build instead of just flushing my money down the toilet.

    Let me know some good builds please. Thanks.
  12. ct1615 said:

    frankly i would not trust anyone that lists parts by parts on here, most will simply waste your money since its not theirs

    WOW when most of us list parts on here we ask budget, wants, and needs then list what will work for the OP. I will admit there are some on here that will tell some peeps to buy the latest and greatest but most of us will put together the best bang for the buck system that will serve whatever the OP is asking about so why dont you take your Two Sence and buzz off to a new forum.
  13. I have never listed any off the wall crazy overpriced stuff on here. As for you need to learn to read the OPs post before you comment on something.
  14. ct1615 said:
    comment like this that you just posted?

    "LOL should i break out a crystal ball here.

    Configurations for what explain put a full sentence together then come back with your question. "
    truly you are one wise computer something or other person passing on such wisdom......

    Nothing wrong with SAAIELLO's post. The OP on that thread put an incomplete phrase so it is only natural for someone to ask for more information. Other would have put that thread straight to "stupidest posts in this forum but he didn't".

    You did a good suggestion to give the link to the Anand's system buyers guide. I'm sure it will be helpful but your comment:

    "frankly i would not trust anyone that lists parts by parts on here, most will simply waste your money since its not theirs"

    is totally uncalled for aside from being inaccurate as the advise on the posts are better and more specific to the OP's needs and preferences than a general guide.
  15. I need a :sigh: smiley.

    Please children.

    I've looked at the post:

    I have given similar answers to similar posts - especially when I have been certain that the poster is a native English speaker. I wouldn't have this time because I am reasonably certain that with a screen name like "pavanigentela", English is probably his second or third language.
  16. Stop with the insults folks.
  17. Sorry mouse was totally un called for i should of just ignored it. Its not fair to the OP to have this in his thread.
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