Need a solution for a portable SSD

Hello, I am looking for some help with finding the right products

I am in search of getting a SSD, and I think I found what I needed, but I have two issues. First is getting the most out of it since my motherboard is SATA II not III. and second is that it needs to be portable(external).

One of the options I have is set it up like I have my hard drive. Connect it to a external enclosure with a power adapter, and then run a SATA cable from it, through the case into the motherboard. (Since I have no esata and prefer it than USB ). Now the problem is that I see I would need a pci sata 3 card to get the most out of this SSD.

Another option is to use an external enclosure that has no power, and simply connects to a USB 3.0 port. It would be more convenient, but would I be losing performance?

Thank you very much.
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  1. USB 3.0 runs at a specified (actual will be less) 5 Gbit/sec. This is more than SATA II's 3 Gbit/sec and less than SATA III's 6 Gbit/sec. Probably good enough.

    I personally recommend against any kluge using SATA in place of eSATA, so I don't like that option at all. This is a personal opinion. eSATA pci-e cards are cheap enough.

    How many machines, and of what types, are you planning on using with this device? You would have to install USB 3.0 on each of them, you know. If you are talking about an external drive for a single machine, allow me to recommend the solution that I use. I have about twelve external disks, and use them with hot-swap removable bays. An SSD would be a 2.5" device, so take a look at . Of course, this is only useful if my first guess about your setup was correct.
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