MSI 790X-G45 any good?

Hi guys,

I have just brought the MSI 790X-G45 motherboard on newegg along with 4gb of 1600 ram, a 5870 and an amd x4 965. Would you say that this is a good motherboard especially as it has 2 16x pci slots for future crossfire. I know that it does not support usb 3 or sat 6gb but, is this important?

Would I be able to crossfire 2 cards in it and also have a wireless card?
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    It's not a bad board, I suppose it's pretty good for its price, black and blue is an nice colour scheme too.

    You will be able to CrossFireX two dual slot cards and have room for one PCI-E x1 and one PCI device so yes you will be fine.
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