Asus 5850 + 1360x768 Screen flickering/blinking

Hey there, hoping to fix this problem as soon as possible!
I have my not so HD tv but it does 720 resolution, so naturally I can run everything at the resolution of 1360x768. I've used this TV for a while for my computer, but recently built a new rig with a 5850. Now with my old 8800GT it worked absolutely fine. It ran all supported resolutions of this monitor with absolutely no problem. Now when I hook up my PC to my 720p with the 5850, my screen starts to flicker and blink, the way I see it is that it does this every time the screen refreshes. It makes everything impossible to navigate, as soon as I start moving the mouse, and even without it, it starts to blink, else it just blinks once every 2 seconds anyway. But when I switch to the other supported resolution, one lower, it runs fine. It's something like 12xx x 7xx. It's all sorta stretched and looks weird and it is definetly a lower resolution. I'm running the ATI Catalyst™ 9.12 Components. Windows 7. I heard before about this problem, it has something to do with the card's constant need to downclock when running in 2d in order to conserve energy. So.. I'm not sure if there is a fix for this problem. I'm hoping there is, and if there is, please tell me.

If there is more information which I need to post then please let me know, thanks,
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  1. Any idea? Is someone else running this card at this resolution or am I seriously the only one??
  2. WOW, turns out it was just a bad cable. Replaced with another one. Strange how one supports a resolution and one doesn't, while supporting all the lower ones.
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