Help on overclocking?

looking to overclock, brand new to this sorry for the hassle, but would you mind telling me exactly what to do to achieve a 4ghz clock speed?

intel i5 2500k
hyper 212 evo cooler
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    You can read either of the two Sandy Bridge OC guides here on Tom's to help you get the gist of it I7 - 2600K / I5 - 2500K Overclocking Guide and Sandy Bridge K Series Overclocking All Cores Guide

    To get to only 4Ghz though, you should really only need to give it a 40x multiplier and that's basically it. It should be able to do that on stock volts (or even undervolted slightly, if you're lucky).
  2. its stable right now at 4ghz, getting 60C on 100% load
  3. strange thing happenned, i turned on my pc today to see that my cpu is running at 3.3, stock speed...
    i changed the clock ratio back to 40x . but does this happen ? cpus going back to stock speeds, cause when i entered bios it showed the clock ratio at 33.. lol
  4. oh btw, the cpu is drawing 85-87 watts at 100% load, is that normal?
  5. It IS strange that it would drop the multiplier back down like it did, but yes that wattage is OK. It CAN be much higher, of course with more voltage, but I'm guessing that you're running with a relatively low voltage right now, so it's not out of the question at all.
  6. hm should i up the voltage or is it safe as it is?
  7. omaarrr5 said:
    hm should i up the voltage or is it safe as it is?

    Lower is always safer, so as long as it's stable, it's good to go. You can even try going lower if you haven't already.
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  9. alright thanks for your help !
  10. You're welcome. :)
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