New build for 600GBP

RAM, Case, Case fan, Mouse, PSU and GFX card - 31/12/09
CPU, Motherboard, Keyboard, Mousemat and HDD - within next 2 weeks (14/01/10)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: PC gaming all games - No Crysis :kaola:


Scan UK

PARTS PREFERENCES: The [arts i have chosen... if they will all work in harmony :lol:

OVERCLOCKING: Yes but probably not much


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I have the funds to purchase all of these components but if some won't work together please suggest others for simalar price.

NZXT Gamma Steel Black Mid Case

OCZ PSU 700SXS StealthXStream 700W

Asus M4A79XTD EVO, AMD 790X

AMD Athlon II X4 620

G-Skill 4GB (2x2GB) Ripjaws DDR3 PC12800-1600Mhz Cas9 L/volt Kit

500 GB WD 7200RPM

Saitek PK17AV Cyborg

Microsoft Sidewinder X8

Case fan
Zalman 12CM Silent

Mouse mat
Razer goliathus speed fragged

I realize there is no Optican drive, I have an IDE optical drive and my mother board has an IDE I/O this is temperary untill i feel the need to upgade to a bluray sata drive when they come down in price. i want to know if all these parts will work together and be a balanced system over all?
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  1. Generally it looks ok but what GFX card are you thinking about?
  2. Oh yeah forgot about that =0... o well

    I have just purchased my PSU, Case, Mouse, and XFX ATi Radeon HD 5770.

    these are no longer needed.
  3. Where's the gpu? W/o one, these parts won't post, let alone work. The most is overpriced POS. It's not the mouse that makes you a good gamer. It's your skills.
  4. i missed my GPU off the list accidentially... and i have allready bought The GPU, a 5770 now so it will all come together... and for the mouse my frind has a sidewinder but its wired but the shape fits my hand so well and well a friend said hed buy me one part for about £70 but i chose the mouse to be polite and not spend it all :lol:
  5. Well Im not sure what games you intend to play but in that resolution 5770 + 2.6ghz cpu may struggle a bit but that really depends on what you play. Do you plan on any overclocking?
  6. ^ Yeah, a few builds around here went in the wrong direction: i7 for gaming with a lacking GPU. This build is closer to the right direction. But not entirely. If he plays modern FPS at 1080 with maxed out image quality, it doesn't matter what overpriced mouse he uses, he loses in all games cuz the games will lag. We'll see how's laughing. :D
  7. Mouse, keyboard and case are personal preferences.
    Looks pretty balanced to me.
  8. I plan to overclock my CPU to about 3.25 GHz I've read many reviews and this seems the optimum speed for this processor.
    And i plan to play games such as Garys Mod 11, portal, CSS, MW2 and some mmos lol and this is just the base for my build... When I get more money I'm going to add a second 5770 or maybe trade mine in and get a 5870 hence the overpowerd PSU.
    Also when I add more gfx cards I will
    add more case fans for cooling (my case has room for 4 more 120mm fans on case I have)

    thx for the advice tho guys any more suggestions? and a happy
    new year!
  9. Well, he can always lower the details or resolution, it s not the end of the world. I doubt it will play MW2 smoothly in that res and full detail but once second 5770 is added its gonna be smokin. And that case looks really nice btw. OK, 100 quid on mouse and keybord may be a bit much but as said its down to personal preference. Happy building in new year ;]
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