Gtx 680 or gtx 680 SC

hi i wana buy a gpu and i ma not sure wich one the original one or SC. is the sc safe to use nothing wrong?

wich one to get?
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  1. i would go at GTX680 for high performance but if you want Overclock get SC+
  2. My opinion: a GTX 680 with the best cooler witch does not make any noise. Personally i like alot the ASUS DirectCU2 cant hear them AND you can OC you GPU decently...
  3. is the asus gtx 680 is the same as evga gtx 680?
  4. buy asus has Core Clock: 1137MHz

    and evga 1006MHz

    and sc version 1058MHz
  5. if same price get ASUS direct CU II top
  6. dam it just evga gtx 680 and SC. the asus out of stock
  7. be patient ... or Gigabyte GeForce GTX 680 OC w/ Windforce - $524 and lowest prices is MSI
  8. ok. i will wait for asus
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