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hi guys! this's my first ever build, & will be used mainly for games, photo editing & video transcoding. please tell me if itz all right, n whether everything is compatible

Intel i7 920
MSI X58 Pro E
Kingston 3x2GB DDR3 1600MHz
Western digital Caviar black 640 GB
ATI Radeon hd 5850
Corsair TX750 psu
Thermaltake M9 Series VI1000BWS Mid Tower Computer Case

my main concern is whether the RAM is ideal. plz help me out here. thanks in advance!
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  1. ^ At what resolution will you be gaming ?
  2. 1920 X 1080
  3. ^ Your build is good for that resoltuion...
    And as for the RAM, Anything from OCZ/ GSkillz/ Corsair would be better...but if you wont overclock, then the Kingston is also fine...But how about this ? A better quality one than Kingston...
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