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I have an hp pavilion with AMD phenom x4 9150e quad core processor, that has a 300 watt power supply and a nvidia geforce 6150se nforce 430. I was trying to play lord of the rings the battle fo middle earth 2 and it failed, it couldn't even play it on medium settings on 1600x900 resolution, kind of sad...... Think I should try to upgrade it or just get a better computer, I use it to play games like bfme2 and warcraft 3 which it also cannot run at high and watch videos
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  1. A better video card would definitely help, the 6150 is a low end IGP, a discrete card like a 4650 would perform reasonably well and let you play it on medium settings, if you are willing to upgrade your PSU to a good 500-550W unit a 4870/5770/GTX260 would let you play games on high at 1600x900
  2. With out changing power supply you could upgrade to HD4670 or GT240 both are a big step up from the integrated.
  3. Do u have a plan to upgrade?
    If u have more budget then tell us how much, we will help u to choose... :)
  4. I have about 500 dollors to spend, If I sell my computer for maybe 500 then 1000, maybe I can get a bit more from parents
  5. Will an Ati 4350 work with my system?
  6. Yeah but it will only be marginally more powerful than your IGP, the 4650 is the lowest card you should consider if you intend to game at all.
  7. I was looking around and found an ati 4850 and 4890, the 4850 was on sale for 40 bucks less, if I go with that Ima need to upgrade power supply which idk if I can do..., will 4850 be a major increase over 6150se nforce 430?
  8. Yup, a huge range between that cards... :)
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