Asrock X58 not starting

I have first installed all the HArdware

than I connected all the Power.

Now I pressed start and it works!
I installed Windows7 but when he want reboot it came nothing.

Than I pressed long the shutdownbutton.

And I pressed again the Start/shutdown button.

It looks that the PC wants to start but after 4sec. it shutting down.

On booting it shows these in the "LED bug":
b8, b9, d4, d5, 2A, 2E

I disconnected the GraphicCard
-->also not starting

I disconnected 2x2GB RAM
-->also not starting

I disconnected all RAMS
--> it was wetting 3 short Pieps
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  1. Look at the User's Manual regarding resetting your CMOS settings. This usually involves taking a screwdriver and shorting two pins on the motherboard for a few seconds. Your can then restart your computer.
  2. ASROCK X58 extreme;

    Yes I have done it. But this gives me not more than 5mins.
    But now it is not working again Pc goes after 4sec. down.
    I think there was a Problem with the Mainboard.

    Is it the RAM?: Mushkin enhanced 3x2GB PC3-12800(DDR3)

    After 5mins the Pc shutting down automatically. I watched the Temperatur in the Bios(5min)
    Before he shuted down, it was 35 C'' . Where is the Problem?

    Why the PC is going down? I have no Ideas anymore.
    Is it the Cooler?


  3. I suspect that the problem is in your BIOS settings. I am not familiar with that motherboard so I cannot give you specific advice. Is there a BIOS option that let's you automatically load optimized settings?

    Check the BIOS settings for memory (Voltage and Timings). What memory settings are in your BIOS? Have you made any BIOS changes?

    Try to run Memtest86+ Version 4.0 to check to make sure your memory modules are OK.
  4. What graphics card and power supply do you have. Knowing exact models on all the parts may help.
  5. "New build won't boot" checklist

    Build outside the case with power, beeper, cpu and mobo. Listen for beeps. Keep adding components and listen for beeps.
  6. Yeah but I had beginn to install Windows7 but than....shuted down immedeatley
  7. hear more infos:

    Mainboard: Asrock x58 Extrem
    CPU: Intel Core i7 960
    Ram: Mushkin Copperhead 3x2GB, DDR3-1600, CL7-8-7-20
    Power Supply: Xigmatek GO GREEN Series PSU - 700 Watt
    Graphic card: Club3D HD 5750
    HD: Samsung HD103SJ
    Kühler: Alpenföhn CPU-Kühler Brocken
    DVD-Writer: Sony-Optiarc AD-7241S-0B

    Next Morning I try it again and film it, here the movie:

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