Keep getting a hardrive failure warning telling me to backup my drive.


is the hard drive I have. And it keeps saying i need to backup my stuff b/c my harddrive could be failing? I have windows 7 and the harddrive is maybe 4 months old. What should I do? Is there a warranty on it most likely?
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  1. Back up important Data! 4 months old then still under warranty! Check for a manufacturers utility at their website and run diagnostics on it.
  2. What is telling you that your hard drive is failing? Check your hard drive with the manufacturers diagnostic software.
  3. 'It' is telling you to back up?

    The hard drive won't be telling you anything directly, it will be some software. What software?

    Granted I don't use windows much anymore, but I never had or used any continually monitoring HDD software. Just a drain on resources really. Predicting HDD failure is almost impossible. SMART monitors can only give you a rough guide as the the 'health' of a drive.

    My 1st thought is it may be a virus/malware. "Your HDD is failing, download free software to backup!"

    If the drive is failing, a warranty will cover replacement, any data loss is tough luck. The warranty does not a cover a drive that is "about to fail".
  4. its just telling me to back stuff up b/c they might be a problem with my harddrive. I dont have any important information. Its the windows 7 software telling me my hard drive might be failing.
  5. any ideas on this???
  6. Do what pjmelect suggest
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