New computer no sound with old speakers

Just got a Dell Inspiron 580 with integrated 7.1 audio output. Not sure the chip set. Headphones work from the front audio jack but my speakers won't work from any jack. Speakers are Boston Acoustic BA 735 digital speakers w/ subwoofer purchased Dec 2000. Why would these not work with the new computer? The old computer used a Soundblaster Live with Digital Audio output card.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. You need to use digital out, not any of the analog jacks.
  2. Unfortunately your new Inspiron 580 does not have coaxial output.
    As such, you will either need a new sound card that has a coax output or new speakers.
    I would highly recommend getting a new set of speakers.
  3. does the 7.1 not have an optical out that you could use a toslink cable on the speakers? I'm presuming the BA 735 have a 3.5mm toslink input, do they not?
  4. Nope, just coax :/

    Looking through His Specs and pics of the rear of his machine, all I see is analogue outputs (unless you count the HDMI..).
  5. I have a Yamaha set of 2 speakers (L&R) model YST-M8. I plugged them in and they work just fine.

    The Altec had a L&R and a subwoofer. Same type of plug, I think.
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