Install sata ex -boot drive as sata slave drive

My old ASUS ABV-E Deluxe motherboard died ('system failed CPU check') and I have replaced it, for better or worse, with an ASUS A8R-MVP. I have retained all the old components including x2 IDE dvd drives, floppy drive, ASUS Extreme AX600 Pro graphics card, x2 1Gb memory sticks. I have replaced the power supply and installed a new 750Gb Western Digital sata H/D onto which I have installed Windows XP Pro. The old drive, a 200Gb Maxtor sata H/D I intended to install as a slave. So far so good, the problem is, however, that the Western Digital is installed on the motherboard as Drive 0 and the Maxtor as Drive1 ( it's pretty obvious looking at the motherboard as to what goes where) and everthing is as it should be. The Machine boots fine to the desktop and the Maxtor shows up as Local Disk F:, but I can't access the vast majority of files on the drive! I can access some folders such as WINDOWS and Program Files but Documents and Settings tells me that access is denied ( I had no passwords in place on the old system). As I said I have access to about 2.5Gbs of rubbish files and about 187Gbs of photos, music, movies and most importantly work that I can't get to! Am I screwed or is there something I'm missing here? 'Properties' for F: tell me that there is 34.2Gbs free space which is what it was before, so the files are there I just can't get at them, and yes I am displaying 'Hidden Folders'. Help please!!
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Try this with all your old HDD.
  2. By the Gods Saint19 your'e a marvel!!! link worked a treat, but as with all microsoft 'Help' pages theres a wrinkle. What they don't tell you is that they assume that if you have admin priviledges that you have unchecked the “Use simple file sharing (Recommended)” check box in the advanced section of the folder options dialog box!! You have to uncheck this to actually see the 'Security' tab in Properties. Anyway who cares; it took me 15 minutes to do something I'd been struggling with since before Christmas!! Thanks again Saint19
  3. give him a best answer. So other people like me dont read this needlessly...
  4. Any time, that's what we're here for.
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