Do SSD owners feel it was worth it?

My question is simple. Do you feel your SSD was worth it?

On a side note what size and what type do you have. Do you notice a difference besides boot up times?

I came close to buying an SSD recently, but decided it wasn't worth it for my build right now, I should get other things first. But next time I probably will get an SSD. This is more of just a question, than advice though. I just want to know what you guys think of your SSD's.

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  1. Absolutely without a doubt worth it if you have the cash to spare. Just don't sacrifice a better video card or CPU for one.
  2. Does it speed up everything? (I mean, does everything seem snappier, not do you get better FPS. :)

    What budget would you recommend them?

    This is alot more questions than I first thought I would have! :P
  3. The most noticeable speed increases are in boot times, game loading and app launches. An SSD will NOT give you better FPS.
    You can get a 60gb for ~$100, or this Pyro for $80 (nice rebate at the moment). This'll take Windows and a few apps.
    If you've got ~$180 to spare, go 120 or 128gb. This ADATA 120gb is $170, and it's the one I recommend. This'll take ALL your apps and games.
  4. I'm not in the market for an SSD, and I realize they don't speed up FPS, although it'd be cool.

    I'm more deciding to learn about them, through the forums and reviews. I wanted to see everybody's opinions, and when they think it makes sense to put them in a build.
  5. I think they make sense in builds above ~$700, or maybe even $600. Below that you really need the GPU horsepower more.
  6. After upgrading my CPU, mobo, ram, and video card, I decided I needed an SSD. Found a good deal on the Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 60gb. I noticed a large improvement in load times in games. Overall it was a good purchase but wish I would have waited for a 120gb.
  7. I currently have a Samsung 470 Series SATA 2 3gb/s 256GB ssd that I purchased 6 months ago. I got it for $259.99 during a one day sale.

    Windows, applications, and utilities definitely load faster. What is commonly referred to as real world performance varies. For some applications it is awesome while for other applications it is just okay. A good example would be digital image editing using Adobe Photoshop or a similar application. Some editing processes happen faster than you can blink your eye while other editing processes are still slow. It just depends on the type of process being performed.

    It should be obvious but I thought I should mention that an ssd will not do me any good while I sit here typing this comment. I am totally at the mercy of my own typing skills and an Internet Service Provider whose performance varies.
  8. Yes, well worth it! Boot times & program launch times are faster. I heard that game loads and map loading is also faster. Not just faster, but blazing faster.

    I have had several SSD of the past years, and seen improvements in each "generation." Some I tried and returned, seeing no benefit in the different architecture, others I lived with, or loved.

    I just went from 2 OCZ Vertex 3 60GB in RAID 0 to a single Intel 520 Series 180GB and love it. Can't even notice the difference in non-RAID, and I get TRIM.

    SSD do scale nicely as the size goes up: 240GB is twice as fast as a 120GB which is twice as fast as 60GB (sorta-kinda). The real numbers to compare are the 4K Random reads/writes, not so much the sequential reads/write (but keep them in mind).

    Here is a site that is full of SSD info: The SSD Review

    I really like their "Guides" section, which is where the link goes. The articles to read are dated 02/11/2012, 05/05/2010, and 04/17/2010.
  9. Absolutely worth it. Setting boot speeds aside, programs come up instantly which I value more than a low boot time (I don't restart or shut down often). I have used my mom's computer since I got my SSD (it is installed on a 7200RPM HDD), and it's agonizing having to wait for programs to initialize.
  10. Night and day difference! I hated HDDs in the 80's, 90's, and 00's because they always crashed. Now I hate them even more because I see how fast SSDs make my system. Bring on the day when we can get 1 - 3TB SSDs for $100. :)
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