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guys, my graphic card GIGABYTE ATI 5750 1gb/128 bit overheat, then my games hang/freez but after i hit ctrl+alt+del and check out the program task manager, the program is still running and i go back to the game and its gonna be ok back. but i checked the graphic card temperature, its up to 80 celcius. its around 55 celcius during idle. i think the temperature cause the hang bcoz after games is running about 1 hours, it will hang then i have to hit ctrl+alt+del then the game will continue normally. i think my ventilation is pretty good bcoz i have 6 fan, 2 on the back 8 cm cooler master fan dissipate hot air inside my case and 1 in the front takes fresh air through inside my case also cooler master fan and 30cm i cute side fan and for sure the fan on cpu and graphic card. every fan works well. should i change the graphic card cooler and fan? could anyone recommend the good one thats compatible with my vga card?

ps-my fan is dust free and shiny and i am not overclocking.
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  1. Sometimes, re-applying the thermal paste would help... :)
    try that and see if your problem still exist...
  2. Try to manually your GPU fan RPMs to about 90% prior to gaming. Use Real Temp to monitor and record temps. I hope that works for you.
  3. i manually adjusted it to 100% speed at all time. and it runs cool, 75 at load and no hang/freeze.
  4. Be careful, setting fan speed at 100% can shortened its lifespan...
    Have u try re-applying the thermal paste?
  5. it is? shortened its lifespan.damn....i should changes it back to auto fan. i just bought it 4 days ago, its new. i am too lazy to open the case and open the heatsink and etc but if it must, i'll do. just want to makes it sure.could it be thermal paste? bcoz its new. what do u think?
  6. I think if u setting to 80%-90% just like hundredislandsboy's said, it still acceptable but not for long...
    Yes, sometimes, even if it's new, the thermal paste which came with the card could be not so good. But again, it probably.
  7. Does opening the card's cover would voiding the warranty?
    I don't know much about warranty...
    If not, u can open it and re-apply the thermal paste for yourself and see whether your card is still overheating or not...
  8. me also don't know about the warranty.i am just thinking to buy a 12 cm fan and put it on the top side of the card. could i do that?
  9. Hm, yes, u could do that, depend on the type of fan and your case. Ask the guy who's selling u this card if u open the card's cover will voiding the warranty or not...
  10. Well if the card has a lifetime or at least a 3 year warranty I wouldn't worry about the fan. It's there for your enjoyment. Besides, who leaves their fan on at 100% with all the noise while just browsing the Net or reading Tom's Hardware. I out my fan to 80% maybe for 30 minutes, twice each day while I play MW2 but I don't worry about my fan. XFX was nice enough to make a lifetime warranty for this GTX 260.
  11. yus_29 said:
    me also don't know about the warranty.i am just thinking to buy a 12 cm fan and put it on the top side of the card. could i do that?

    You could also get a case fan and mount it on your side panel to blow across the top of your videocard.
  12. I recommend using RBE. RBE is a ATI Bios Editor and can modify your settings for your VGA Card's fan as you like

    RBE Can easily help you change your fan's automatic settings so it will increase fan's RPM only if card's temperature goes above your settings you don't need to worry about it's lifespan ;)
  13. You can find all the solutions possible for cooling down your graphic card here..

    Enjoy !!
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