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Hey there,

I'm looking for some help with my year old system which has more recently been causing me trouble with random restarting.
Things I have noticed are obviously that it is always in game play, but so far this only includes a few games out of all I have installed. One thing to point out is that I'm getting no BSOD, nor can I managed to find any system errors or application errors that relate to the time of the sudden reset.

To date the two games that are giving me the most trouble are Mass Effect and Lord of the Rings Online. These two games have gotten to a point where they seem to restart the computer almost on command (especially Mass Effect). For example: During play on Mass Effect I talk to an NPC and seconds after talking to her the computer will just die. I have noticed this happens whether I play for extended periods, or even after a fresh day, seconds after loading into the game. Games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 however have never caused me any restarting. I'm bashing my head over this issue as it really seems too random to put my finger on it. But things I have tried so far are...

I've monitored my temperatures, Both seem fine and can get a little hot but it has just rolled into Summer so it doesn't surprise me.
I've run a MemTest, the test came up clear, however I also swapped out the RAM with a new identical stick.
I've checked to make sure my PSU can support the power I'm draining from it, which looks fine.
As stated above I'm not getting any BSOD and have tried un-ticking the "Automatically Restart" box in Windows, which changes nothing.

My system specs are as follow:
OS: Windows XP Professional SP 2
Mobo: ASUS P5Q-PRO (BIOS: 02/23/09 21:14:18 Ver: 08.00.14)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo processor E7300 2.66GHz 3M 1066MH
RAM: Generic 2GB DDR2-800 16C 240PIN UNB PC2-6400 CL5
GFX: Asustek ATI Radeon HD EAH4850 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E
PSU: Thermaltake Tough Power 600W Power Supply
Sound: Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit

Before I finish I would just like to point out that I have little faith in my HDD which I can't give details on because I don't remember what it is and don't know how to find out, sorry. Anyway its quite old (much older than the rest of the PC) and has served me well for the time I've had it. It is a 120gig SATA, not sure what brand but I've been trying to clean it up and it has a lot of fragmented files, I have run several clean-disks on it too via the default Windows thing.
I do not know if my HDD could cause these types of issues but the games affected seem to be larger games in general which take up much more room and require much more HDD usage during play, or so I would think. I'm getting my hands on a new HDD soon so for now I can only hope this is what's causing my problems, unless someone here knows any other solutions.

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  1. Just installed another Graphics Card and booted up Mass Effect to attempt to force reboot the computer at the point in the game I was having trouble with and my computer continued to work, I could talk to people on ventrilo however my screen went black and I seemed to have lost video signal for some unknown reason. The computer did not reboot which is semi good news but I am unsure where to go from here after trying a second Graphics Card.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Download OCCT and run the torture tests, monitoring voltage and temps....look at the graphs at the end to look for anomalies.

    Anything in Event Viewer or dmp files ?
  3. I would try a new power supply.
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

    pjmelect: I would love to try a new one but at to moment I don't have a spare floating around which has the 6/8-pin power plug for the graphics cards. I'll see what I can do though.

    JackNaylorPE: I've tried torture tests on my CPU which held up fine but not my Graphics so I'll try grab this OCCT program. As for event viewer it doesn't seem to show anything in System or Application logs, not sure where or how I access these dmp files.

    I would just like to point out that while using the alternate graphics card I managed to find what I guess you could call a work around for now. But anyway, I found that reducing the Texture details (from Ultra High to Low/Medium/High) on Mass Effect allows me to play the portion of the game which was forcing my computer to restart. Now I'm not too clued up on what this could mean but would that point to anything?
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