4gb ddr3 3.2gb usable

ok idk if this is because of the motherboard or somthing in the bios, or OS i missed. Windows 7
will only recognize 3.2gb of the 4gb of my kingston ddr3 1333 mhz with memory remaping off, and 2.9gb with memory remaping on. and iff i add my old 8800gt in paired with my gtx 260 for physx, it drops my usible ram down to 1.9gb and the windows 7 performance score goes down to 5.5 from 7.6 only if i add in the 8800gt. hope you guys can help
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  1. Is it Win7 64 Bit because if its 32 bit version will only use 3.5gb
  2. its 32bit but again if i turn memroy maping on it will bring the 3.2 down to 2.99 and if i add in my 8800gt for physx it brings it down to 1.99gb usable and my performance score goes from 7.6 to 5.5 :)
  3. yes because the ram limit on 32-bit os's applies to all ram in the computer including video cards when you add another card that card's ram comes off your total
  4. Upgrade to 64bit, problem solved.
  5. 32bit has severe memory limitations compared to 64bit. It can only handle approximately 4Gb of memory, and every type of memory subtracts from that. Your video cards memory will reduce what is left for available system memory, and adding a 2nd card for physics adds more video card memory which will than be reduced from total system memory.

    This is why many people have moved over to 64bit.
  6. wow thanks guys that totaly answered my question :) thx guess im moin to 64bit lol
  7. cmoody53 said:
    wow thanks guys that totaly answered my question :) thx guess im moin to 64bit lol

    hold it there!

    What cpu do you have in that computer? depending on what cpu you have, it may only do 32 bit os.
  8. If he is running DDR3 memory, its 64bit capable.
  9. What mobo do you have? Win 7 don't have the limitation of XP x86. Sometimes, the amount of RAM that you don't have (4GB-3.2GB=800MB) is for address the devices of your PC and for complete the 1GB of your GPU.
  10. lol i got my answer but i have an i5 750 and an ecs p55h-a which isnt a bad board other than the shitty overclocking capabilities lol
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