Best mobo for i7 CPU for non-overclockers under $200?

Hi all,

I have read many posts on this forum and reviews on CPUS + MOBOS for gamers and over-clockers.
My question is this: For someone who does Photoshop/Video Editing/Computer Programming (some 3D simulation), and normal multi-tasking on the computer,
what is the best (most value for reasonable price and RELIABLE) CPU+MOBO combo? I definitely want the i7, but don't know if I should get the 2600, 2600k, 2700, 2700k, 3770 or 3770k. For MOBO people have suggested ASUS P8Z77-V Pro, but there is the deluxe, LK, LS, the V only, and so on. I would like to have the option to connect a SSD to the MOBO in addition to a normal disk drive for fast booting, etc. I will be using WIN 7, but don't know if I should get Home, Pro or Ultimate, but that is easier to decide than hardware.

Also, what about a good video card, again for the applications I listed above? Thanks!!
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  1. The P8Z77-V LK is plenty good enough for what you're doing and you really don't need a super expensive GPU either. I'd go with a mid range Nvidia card for the CUDA acceleration in Photoshop and video editing, though.
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