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hello im looking to build a fast single core pc specifically for a game, single cores are best for this game due to it being an old one. looking for some ideas on builds such as whats the best single core build not looking to spend alot of money but do want it to be fast if any1 could post some ideas and prices would be great thanks in advance
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  1. Fast single core processors no longer are available. Just build a fast dual or quad core.
  2. im sure you can still get the parts from places like ebay and the game im going to use it for does not know how to use the extra cores in a dual/quad core
  3. I believe I read that you can disable extra cores when running single core games or other items. Be sure to wait until someone says 'yes' before getting a dual or quad core. I don't want to be wrong.
  4. There's no such thing as a game running better on a single core CPU. Just because it's single threaded doesn't mean that it can't run on a dual or quad core CPU. The OS will just assign background tasks to the other cores. You do NOT want to build a single core CPU system.
  5. Any single core game will run on a multicore processor, but a single core will be used.

    insinia, what game will you play? If it's really old and requires little power, have you considered buying an old PC with a single core CPU, e.g., a P4 2.4?
  6. The fastest single cores are the Athlon 64s and higher clocked Pentium 4s. If your game runs well in XP, any ol Athlon 64 or P4 above 3.0Ghz should be easy to work with. If your game only works in win 9x then that's a bit of a problem mainly due to drivers. If you need to play the game in win9x, and for gods sakes don't put this computer on a network, then you will have to look at older boards. Any Athlon XP setup should be fine. As for Athlon 64s I believe nForce3 boards have win 9x drivers, but I don't know for sure. It's been some time after all :D. On the Intel side socket 478 boards should mostly work with win 9x. A board with the 533 FSP and a P4 3.06 would be a good option. Boards with the 800FSB and matching CPUs up to the 3.4EE may be easier to come by, but I don't know how well those supported 9x :D.
  7. the games call mir 2/3 and basically i have found it runs best with a single core as it does not use dual/quads to there full potential it runs on windows xp, am basically looking to build/buy a fast single core pc as its most probs going to be cheap to build, i alrdy have a gameing pc using an amd quad core but when i play this pacticular game im slow as hell yet if i use an older single core pc i am alot faster.
    am looking to get a decent single core overclock it decent g card to match may be wrong but not expecting it to cost a fortune. i have no idea which single core is best for overclocking or which graphics card works best paired with it, as i have never built a single core looking for ideas on a full set up mobo,gcard,core and cooling.

    thanks in advance:)
  8. this is kinda stupid

    one core from a modern cpu, any modern day cpu is faster then a single core processor from a few years ago

    there is no adverse effects of having "spare" cores etc

    for your need an i7 would be best if anything as for single core apps the tubro mode boosts a single core (auto- overclock etc), not as if you would do this for an old game.
  9. Well, build a clunker. I don't even see the point of building a computer for one single game. I do know, though, that has single core AMD and Intel chips.
  10. thanks:) gonna build an i5 or i7 pc wont be for a few months now tho:(
  11. I'm building i5, and I recommend it The only difference I know from my research is hyperthreading, and i5 is cheaper, a good bit cheaper, and in the reviews of i5 vs i7, if seems to be the best bet cost wise.
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