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I recently reformatted (read today) a computer with Windows XP.

I re-installed all the standard drivers: video, sound and network. Installed SP3, installed anti-virus + firewall.

The motherboard is a Asus P5RD2-VM. I got the network driver directly from the asus website, from the motherboard page. Realtek RTL8111b 10/100/1000M LAN Driver Version 5.652.627.2006

While the machine was already running, I plugged into the ethernet port on the back directly from the modem (broadband cable).

It made the connection, I connected to the Internet, I started downloading Windows updates after activating Windows.

Upon restart, it came back with "limited connectivity", I'd lost my connection for some reason. I tried repairing the connection, but it couldn't reaquire an IP address. It was assigning me an automatic private IP address (169.254.x.x)

I restarted the machine, same deal. Reset the modem, same deal.

Then I unplugged the network cable, restarted the machine and didn't plug the cable back in until Windows had started. It got the connection no problem, normal IP address and away I went.

Problem is, if I restart the computer, back to square one, "limited connectivity", an automatic private IP address.

Any ideas as to the problem, or what I should try?
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    Might try going to realtek and download a driver right from them.

    Might try another cable just in case.
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