HD4200 for WoW

Just wondering how well the IGPU on my mobo will run WoW decently once it arrives. I was able to run it on low, medium-low settings with 1GB Ram, 6600GT and ancient Athlon CPU (6+ years old). Here are the bits and pieces i'll be running with.

CPU: AMD PHENOM II X3 Triple Core 710

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H MB-AM3,785G/SB710 5.2GT/s,DDR3 1800, PCI-E x16,Int

RAM: Corsair VS2GB1333D3 2GB Value Select (1333MHz) DDR3 RAM, non-ECC, 240-pin
DIMM, CAS 9-9-9-24, unbuffered, lifetime warranty

PSU: 450Watt
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  1. Yep it will be fine with that pc, you can expect 30fps at medium-ish settings I'd say.
  2. The 4200 is actually one of the better IGP's.

    Basically it's HD 3300, HD 3200, Nv 9400 (I think), HD 4200 holding the top spots in IGP power.

    You are right however, it shouldnt be considered a proper gaming card. I'm just gonna point out that my HD 3300 ran DA: Origins - poorly and at low fps low settings, but it ran it.
  3. Not well enough, I suspect. You will be able to play it, but I think you will feel that you want a better graphics card on that one eventually.
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